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Five Years After the 1:1 Fund Started Growing CSA Donations, How is it Doing?

The 1:1 Fund has enabled a diverse array of Children’s Savings Account (CSA) programs to raise funds from donors, large and small. As our new Impact Report shows, the 1:1 Fund’s partner organizations have raised more than $2 million in savings incentives for postsecondary education over our five-year history. 

Last year, the 1:1 Fund’s 16 partner organizations raised over $318,000 from more than 1,000 individual donors (and matches from the 1:1 Fund’s National Match Pool brought the total to more than $508,000). 2017 marked a period of rapid growth for the 1:1 Fund, as six partner organizations representing a range of communities—from Grants Pass, Oregon to Jackson, Mississippi—joined the network. During Giving Tuesday 2017, an international day of charitable giving held the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, eleven 1:1 Fund partners raised more than $96,500 (which came to more than $176,000 with matches from the 1:1 Fund) in savings incentives for children across the country—the highest fundraising in 1:1 Fund history, and all in just one day. 

Other highlights from the 1:1 Fund’s 2017 Impact Report include:

  • The start of a cause-marketing partnership with the social savings app, Kidfund. Through Kidfund, parents can open savings accounts for their children, set automatic recurring transfers, enable friends and relatives to send gifts to their kids and make a charitable donation to the 1:1 Fund—all with a few swipes on their phone.
  • $25,843 raised by 1:1 Fund partner, Inversant, in the 2017 Back to School campaign—the largest single fundraising campaign for a partner last year.
  • Six new 1:1 Fund partners—College Dreams, Oakland Promise, Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition, Promise Indiana, Providence Promise and Springboard to Opportunities—joined last year.
  • Continued success by 1:1 Fund partners is helping families build college savings and aspirations.  Denean Vaughn, a St. Louis College Kids parent, said, “I wonder today how different my life would be if I had someone invest in my future and cast a vision for my life as a young child.”

Finally, none of this incredible growth – since the 1:1 Fund’s inception in 2013 to record-breaking campaigns today – would have been possible without the unyielding support of our donors, including both individuals and corporate partners, for which we’re very grateful. To learn more, view the Impact Report