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A New Learning Series to Build Momentum for the Children's Savings Movement

Prosperity Now’s Children’s Savings team is excited to announce a new Children’s Savings Accounts (CSA) webinar program for 2018: the Children’s Savings Accounts Learning Series. These webinars are designed to share knowledge and best practices to help organizations develop stronger, more sustainable CSA programs. The series will feature guest speakers sharing concrete examples of CSA programs meeting specific geographic, cultural or place-based needs.

Our first webinar of 2018 will give an overview of the CSA field, followed by webinars on CSA programs in rural areas and small communities; opportunities for local CSA program expansion; and connecting CSAs and housing programs. While you can register for the first webinar now, registration for the subsequent webinars will be announced soon. The four webinars in the series are: 

A Look Behind the Numbers: The State of the Children’s Savings Field

Wednesday, March 14 (2-3 pm EDT)

Prosperity Now’s report, The Movement Takes Off: The State of the Children’s Savings Fieldwas released just a few weeks ago. The report shows results from the 2017 CSA Program Survey and provides a snapshot of the growing field. Children’s Savings team members will walk through the survey’s key findings and their implications for the field. 

CSAs for Your Community: Tailoring CSA Programs to Meet Diverse Needs

Tuesday, May 15 (2-3 pm EDT)

Over the last few years, new CSA programs have started working with special populations and in rural areas. This webinar will provide an introduction to how programs have created viable programs in specific, smaller communities. A few of our partners from CSA programs across the country will share lessons learned on tailoring programs to better meet the needs of diverse communities.

CSAs in the City: Assessing Municipal and Countywide Opportunities

Tuesday, July 17 (2-3 pm EDT)

Municipal CSA programs are key to the overall growth of the children’s savings field. In the past few months alone, mayors from two very different cities – Atlanta, Georgia, and St. Paul, Minnesota –expressed plans to create future CSA programs. Join us as we hear from existing and developing programs about the opportunities and challenges of managing CSAs at the municipal or county level.

Housing Assistance and CSA Programs: Making the Connection

Tuesday, October 23 (2-3 pm EDT)

Several organizations currently offer CSAs as part of housing authority or housing development programs. In this webinar, Prosperity Now will speak to representatives from a few of these programs to learn how CSAs can add to our toolbox for increasing social mobility among low-income families. 

The CSA Learning Series is sponsored by the Campaign for Every Kid’s Future, a collaboration between policymakers, practitioners, researchers, funders, financial institutions and advocates dedicated to expanding CSAs to more families. By broadening the base of practitioners and advocates who are knowledgeable and excited about CSAs, the learning series will help build more support and momentum towards reaching the Campaign's goal of increasing the number of children with CSAs across the country.

Register for the first webinar in our 2018 CSA Learning Series (March 14 – State of the Field). We will share additional information about the upcoming webinars soon. In the meantime, brush up on your CSA knowledge by exploring our past webinars.