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Inversant's June Fundraising Event Showcases Impressive Community-Level Support

During June’s Graduation Campaign, 1:1 Fund staff attended a fundraising event hosted by 1:1 Fund partner Inversant. Inversant is a nonprofit in Boston, Massachusetts, whose mission is to ensure that—through parental engagement—low-to-moderate income families have the resources and understanding they need to achieve their children’s goals for higher education.

One of Inversant’s strongest local programs is based in Chelsea, a city located directly across the river from Boston. Historically, Chelsea has been home to working class, immigrant families who faced many barriers to attending college. Inversant is working closely with the City of Chelsea to change the educational trajectories of its students.

Inversant’s annual fundraising breakfast appeals to different sectors of the community, including local businesses, staff from Chelsea public schools, university representatives, Chelsea government officials, and parents and alumni of the Inversant program. The event began with a warm welcome from Inversant founder and Board Chair Bob Hildreth; and opening remarks from the Chief Executive Officer Charles Desmond. Following that introduction, two students spoke about how Inversant helped their families navigate the complex college admissions process in addition to providing financial support through CSAs.

Stephanie Martinez, a first-generation college graduate from Boston University said she realized early that Inversant could help her with the admission process. “I wanted to go to college. But no one in my family knew what that meant, and I had no idea where to begin. [My mom and I] soon realized Inversant was what we needed to help us through the college process," she said.

Samuel Hernandez, a first-generation college student majoring in biochemistry at Dartmouth College said Inversant helped educate him about his path forward. “In high school, I didn’t really know what college was going to be about. But thanks to Inversant, I [had] an idea about how to navigate that new world,” he said.

A special award was then presented by the superintendent of Chelsea Public Schools to a school employee for his long-time work with Inversant. The fundraiser closed with pledges of ongoing support from local leaders.

Since 2010, Inversant has helped fund CSAs for 360 college-bound Chelsea students. As a result, these students and their families have saved over $320,000, and more than 120 students have pursued higher education. In a show of incredible community buy-in, Inversant raised $16,210 ($27,894 with the 1:1 Fund match) during June’s graduation campaign. These funds will be used to help realize the college dreams of over 1500 youth served by Inversant in Chelsea and other Boston-area communities.