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The 1:1 Fund Website is Among Five Outstanding Low-Budget Websites

We couldn't think of a more exciting way to start 2014 than to have our new website recognized by The Nonprofit Times as "outstanding."

We've included the portion from the article that discusses this website below but check out the full article here.

1:1 Fund


(Project of the Corporation for Enterprise Development)

Annual Revenue: $8,807,136

Mission: The 1:1 Fund supports the college dreams of low-income children by ensuring that those dreams are matched with savings in the bank. They make it easy for donors, large and small, to help kids save for college by matching their contributions in special children’s savings accounts. These accounts help low-income families save for college while giving them the confidence that post-secondary education is a real and attainable goal.

Ease of Navigation: The clean design of the 1:1 Fund’s website helps to guide users to do three things: donate, join, and learn. Similar to PoP’s website, there is a good balance of text and images to keep the audience focused.

Clear Call to Action: The website offers a consumable amount of content that is competing for your attention, yet the calls to action are clear. The three tabs at the top of the website, in addition to the circled “Donate” button, also makes it clear to audiences how to support the organization. Additionally, in the top right corner there are ways to stay engaged by subscribing to updates and connecting on social media channels.

Aesthetic Value and Strong Visuals: There is a rotating content box on the home page that showcases three photos, each with a compelling heading. There is also quantitative information on the site to convey its impact thus far, as well as a graphic to demonstrate how their organization works.

Up-to-Date Information: The “Latest News” section is regularly updated with content to report out on their activities. Also, the “Media Center” button in the navigation bar at the top also provides users with news, press releases and other multimedia.

When 1:1 Fund considered redesigning its site, the staff ranked their priorities and put them front and center during the design process, said Kristin Lawton, director of communication. Among the main goals for staff was getting a back-end system that staff could easily access and make changes quickly, to save money. The previous website required consultants to make any edits.

Another priority for 1:1 Fund was creating a website that wasn’t just a one-time visit to make a donation, but to give people reasons to come back. Thus, the blog is featured prominently and there’s a rotating banner feature that changes the latest news – two things that Lawton said didn’t really exist on the old website.

The Washington, D.C-based organization aimed to make the site clear and consistent with a heavy focus on making the messaging concise, so visitors know exactly what 1:1 Fund is the minute they reach the website. “We honed in on our message to make sure people understood how it’d work,” she said.

“We put a lot of energy into it,” Lawton said, estimating at about $15,000 for the cost of redesigning the website.

The 1:1 Fund is run out of the Corporation For Enterprise Development (CFED) so it has few staff, however, between Lawton, a business operations manager and marketing specialists, she estimated about three full-time equivalent (FTE) staff maintain the site, helping to create and post content.