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1:1 Fund Partners' Momentum Culminates in June Graduation Campaign

As the 1:1 Fund’s newly released 2017 Impact Report showcases, the online fundraising platform that Prosperity Now created to support Children’s Savings Account (CSA) programs has grown dramatically over the last year. Six partner organizations joined in 2017, last year’s #GivingTuesday campaign marked the highest fundraising total for a single campaign in 1:1 Fund history, and in 2017, the 1:1 Fund passed the $2 million mark in fundraising.

That momentum has only continued in 2018. 1:1 Fund partners raised $57,975 in the Spring into Savingscampaign this March, blowing last year’s spring campaign total of $12,043 out of the water. One new partner, Springboard to Opportunities, also hosted their annual 5K Race for Our Community on April 21, recruiting more than 200 people to run or walk the 5K route and collectively raising $33,000 for their CSA program. San Francisco’s Kindergarten to College program hosted a “Save for College” art contest through the month of April. A panel of judges assessed the art based on theme, clarity and message, and awarded the best artists with K2C scholarships. You can see the winning artwork here.

Our partners did more than host 5K runs and art contests, though. Providence Promise spent May 29 (also known as “national 529 day”) with about 40 members of their community. Staff, parents and children discussed how Providence Promise can best support a college-going culture both inside and outside the household. One child even won a $529 incentive in their CSA through a random drawing.

Inversant will host its annual breakfast fundraiser Thursday, June 21, to support CSAs. During last June’s Graduation campaign, Inversant had the most successful single fundraising campaign among all the 1:1 Fund partners for 2017, raising $25,843 – $37,216 with the 1:11 Fund’s dollar-for-dollar match.

Coming up next week, eight of our partners will participate in a Graduation-themed fundraising campaign to celebrate the accomplishments of children across the country and raise savings incentives for 1:1 Fund partners. The campaign starts in just a few days, on June 18! During this one-week campaign, the 1:1 Fund will match each donation dollar-for-dollar, up to $500. In last year’s Graduation campaign, seven 1:1 Fund partner organizations raised $51,241 (or $83,983 with matches from the 1:1 Fund).  

You can support local CSA programs and donate to any of our participating partners below. If you don’t know which organization you’d like to donate to, you can also donate to the 1:1 Fund’s National Match Pool, which provides the savings matches for our partners.

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