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Welcome to the 1:1 Fund blog! This is the place to find the latest news, events and stories from the matched college savings movement.

AFN Conducted the first-ever Survey on Private CSA funding. Here are the takeaways.

Readers of Prosperity Now’s blog may be familiar with Children’s Savings Accounts (CSAs), but it’s important to note that the field is still relatively new.

1:1 Fund Partners Raise Nearly $100,000 on #GivingTuesday

The 1:1 Fund, conceived and capitalized by Prosperity Now, makes it easy for children’s savings programs to raise matching funds from individual donors, large and small, thereby enabling these donors to match the CSA contributions of young savers. 

#GivingTuesday Marks Culmination of Year of Growth for 1:1 Fund

#GivingTuesday is today. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, for many organizations it marks the start of the charitable giving season that goes through the end of the year. For the last two years, #GivingTuesday has been a high-water mark for the 1:1 Fund, accounting for two of the highest days of giving in 1:1 Fund history.

Changing the Odds for Children

“There is a difference between helping children beat the odds and actually changing the odds for all kids.” Karen Pittman of the Forum for Youth Investment made that powerful statement at the beginning of her keynote address at the Promise Net 2017 conference on November 6.

CSAs in the News 1:1 Friends

As Maine Goes, So Goes the Nation

At one point in American history, the phrase “as Maine goes, so goes the nation” was a common phrase in politics. The saying referred to Maine’s status as a bellwether of presidential elections at a time when Maine held its gubernatorial elections in September. The phrase has fallen out of use in more recent times and, for most Americans, Maine’s status as a largely rural state with an aging population and low median household incomes means the state is not often at the top of the ‘best of’ lists. Yet, for those familiar with children’s savings accounts (CSAs), the phrase still has cachet. 

Children's Savings Accounts