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Saver Spotlight: The Paredes Family

Imelda and Elias Paredes have big dreams for their two kids, Samuel and Cesia. Elias explains, “We want them to go to college because we didn’t go ourselves.”

From left: Samuel, Imelda, Elias, and Cesia Paredes

The family visited the West Portal Citibank in November to make their first deposit into Samuel and Cesia’s Children’s Savings Accounts. Imelda and Elias understand the value of saving: they opened savings accounts for Samuel and Cesia when they were born. Now, with the Kindergarten to College (K2C) program, the family has extra motivation to save. Thanks to K2C, Samuel, a 2nd-grader, and Cesia, a kindergartener, received Children’s Savings Accounts with a $50 bonus. These accounts are automatically opened for every incoming kindergartener in the San Francisco Unified School District.

Elias Paredes likes that you can deposit anywhere from $10-$20 at a time into the accounts. And, thanks to matching dollars raised by the 1:1 Fund, the first $100 that the Paredes deposit into each account will be matched—dollar-for-dollar. Elias explains, “We like this program because they show us how to save and motivate us” to continue saving. With supportive parents and a dollar-for-dollar match on their savings, Samuel and Cesia have already taken the first steps towards making their college dreams a reality.

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