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Saver Spotlight: Nasia

Nasia Ortega is a first grader at New Traditions Elementary School. Her mother, April Fong-Ortega, describes her daughter as a “typical little girl” who loves to play, do art, and draw. April adds, laughing, that Nasia “loves to eat!”

Nasia has been the proud holder of a savings account through the Kindergarten to College (K2C) program since last year. April, explaining why she contributes to her daughter’s account, says, “It’s a great way to start saving for college.” She wants her daughter to start saving early; in fact, “the sooner the better!”

April Fong-Ortega with her daughters.

Nasia has a brother in high school and a sister in middle school. April talks with her two oldest children about college, making sure that Nasia grows up hearing conversations about going on to higher education. April wants to let her children “know how important college is” for a successful future.

April likes the K2C account in particular because “it’s a great way to start investing now. Because we’re in a time…where it’s difficult [to save]. It doesn’t take much to start!” She has taken a long-term approach to saving, contributing $5 from each paycheck so that $10 a month is going into Nasia’s account. By saving steady, April knows that the money will build over time. “When Nasia’s ready to go to college, who knows how much [money] that will be!”

If other parents were to follow in April’s footsteps, she would want them to know that “every bit counts.”

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