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Inversant Success Story: Bryan Guzman

Bryan Guzman and his family came from a small town in Guatemala, where an education is a privilege that not everyone can afford. His family decided to move to the United States, like many other families, in hopes of providing their children with a better life and future. Bryan understood how much his family did for him, saying that “attending college meant finally being able to pay my parents back for their sacrifice.”

Even though Bryan was very motivated, there were times that he felt unsure that he would attend college simply because he didn’t know if he was going through the application process the right way. Bryan tells us that when his family joined Inversant during his sophomore year, they acquired the tools to support his college dreams and were involved in every step of the process.

Bryan graduated from Chelsea High School in 2013 and is currently attending Boston University with a full ride scholarship, double majoring in neuroscience and political science. He hopes to become a doctor and eventually join the Doctors Without Borders organization. This summer, Bryan will begin training to become an emergency medical technician and hopes to become a certified paramedic by the time he graduates Boston University. Bryan tells us that “[Inversant] will always hold a special place in my heart for investing in me and for believing in me.” He believes that the best way to show appreciation for his parents’ support and sacrifice is by handing them a college degree. Bryan also has some advice for younger students: “Don’t forget to enter college with an open mind and be ready to learn about yourself.”

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