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Lansing SAVE

Without savings, just 45% of low-income students enroll in college and only 7% graduate

Lansing SAVE is the first program of its kind in the state of Michigan and was launched January 16, 2015. Enrollment is automatic and universal and there are 926 students from 9 schools within the Lansing School District in the first and second cohort years. Lansing School District is a Title I district where all students receive free breakfast and lunch due to the low income status of families. Please assist us in helping our future leaders achieve their goals.

$20,000 will allow us to match the savings of 200 students dollar-for-dollar for one year

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Lansing, MI


Our mission is to ensure that all students have universal access to college savings accounts within a school-based initiative to link savings to school engagement, to improve academic performance, and increase enrollment and completion of post-secondary education and training.

Lansing SAVE is a multilevel collaborative project led by practitioners, advocates, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, institutions of higher education, local government and school district officials. This model was structured to target youth residing in the city of Lansing in order to improve academic outcomes, increase access to the financial mainstream, and increase asset-building for Lansing’s future generations.