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My local community has a 1:1 Fund site – how can I support the students in my community?

The 1:1 Fund and our partners are always looking for local advocates and supporters who are interested in highlighting the important work of children’s savings. Please contact us if you are interested in co-hosting events, sharing content in newsletters or magazines, or providing updates to interested groups or individuals.

My community is not a 1:1 Fund site – how can we get involved?

The 1:1 Fund is looking to expand the number of partners that operate as 1:1 Fund sites. If your organization or community has all of the following, we’d like to talk with you:

  • Access to a large cohort of mostly low-income students (i.e., at school, participating in a particular program, etc.)
  • A willingness to help these low-income students save for college
  • A commitment to helping them open college savings accounts
  • An ability to make a modest initial contribution in each student’s account
  • An ability to provide high-quality, age-appropriate financial education, either directly or via a partner organization
  • Stories and images of savers to populate a unique page on the 1:1 Fund website to promote your children’s savings program
  • In-house communications staff that can utilize social and traditional media to help spread the word about the 1:1 Fund and drive donors to your unique 1:1 Fund page

For partnership ideas or opportunities, please contact Senior Program Manager Monica Copeland (