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About the 1:1 Fund


The 1:1 Fund supports the college dreams of low-income children by ensuring that those dreams are matched with savings in the bank. We make it easy for donors, large and small, to help kids save for college by matching their contributions in special children’s savings accounts. These accounts help low-income families save for college while giving them the confidence that post-secondary education is a real and attainable goal.


The 1:1 Fund was conceived and capitalized by Prosperity Now, a national nonprofit based in Washington, DC, that empowers low- and moderate-income households to build and preserve assets by advancing policies and programs that help them buy a home, pursue higher education, start a business and save for the future.

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How It Works

Contributing to the 1:1 Fund is easy. The 1:1 Fund partners with leading local college savings programs that are working with low-income children saving and striving for college. You, our supporters and donors, are extremely important to the process. All you have to do is choose a local college savings program from those listed here. As students in your chosen program save, your dollars are used to encourage and match their savings dollar-for-dollar.

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The Team

Our team has extensive experience as thought leaders in the child savings accounts movement.

Become A Partner

The 1:1 Fund and our partners are always looking for local advocates and supporters who are interested in highlighting the important work of children’s savings. In addition, we are looking to expand the number of partners that operate as 1:1 Fund sites.

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Our Friends

We could not match kids’ college dreams dollar-for-dollar without the active participation of our local partners, who are working on the ground in our 1:1 Fund locations to help young people save for college. We are also indebted to the local allies and organizations that work with our partners, the growing number of advocates and supporters that have joined the 1:1 Fund community, and the funders that help support our operations. Additionally, the 1:1 Fund possesses a very strong advisory group, which collectively are experts in entrepreneurship, finance, education, marketing and fundraising. From sharing our campaigns to hosting events to supporting 9300+ child savers and 1:1 Fund operations, our friends makes us stronger than the sum of our parts. Thank you all!


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